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Cost Effective - Same Price As Wood Shakes
Tile Roofing Is Now A Viable Alternative
Act Roofing can bring you the curb appeal of wood shakes while adding durability and energy efficiency without additional cost.

We Have The Expertise
Members of the Tile Roofing Institute
As members of the Tile Roofing Institute Act Roofing follows best practices and latest construction techniques to provide superior craftsmanship.  We have the experience of building hundreds of Tile Roofs that lets us provide value and consistency.

Tile Is The Most Popular Roofing Product In The World
Outside Of The US And Canada, Tile Is The Most Popular Choice
Everyone knows that the terra-cotta roofs of the Mediterranean are durable, beautiful and the best choice for longevity.

Even in Tromsø, Norway, 217 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Tile Roofing is the popular choice.